Textbook : A Course in Contemporary Chinese 1

Beginning 1

拼音 Pinyin 
第一課  歡迎你來臺灣!
Lesson 1 Welcome to Taiwan!
第二課  我的家人
Lesson 2 My Family
第三課  週末做什麼?
Lesson 3 What Are You Doing Over the Weekend?
第四課  請問一共多少錢?
Lesson 4 Excuse me. How Much Does That Cost in Total?
第五課  牛肉麵真好吃
Lesson 5 Beef Noodles Are Really Delicious

Beginning 2

第六課  他們學校在山上
Lesson 6 Their School Is Up in the Mountains
第七課  早上九點去KTV
Lesson 7 Going to KTV at 9 O’clock in the Morning
第八課  坐火車去臺南
Lesson 8 Taking a Train to Tainan
第九課  放假去哪裡玩?
Lesson 9 Where Will You Go for the Holidays?
第十課  臺灣的水果很好吃
Lesson 10 The Fruit in Taiwan Tastes Really Good

Beginning 3

第十一課  我要租房子
Lesson 11 I Would Like to Rent a Place
第十二課  你在臺灣學多久的中文?
Lesson 12 How Long Will You Be Studying Chinese in Taiwan?
第十三課  生日快樂
Lesson 13 Happy Birthday
第十四課  天氣這麼冷!
Lesson 14 It’s So Cold!
第十五課  我很不舒服
Lesson 15 I Don’t Feel Well