1 on 1

Get more out of your 1-on-1 Mandarin courses.      The classes start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm from Mon to Fri and 9:30 am -12:30 pm on Sat, allowing flexibility into almost any student’s work and travel schedule. You can determine the subject related to your field of interest or profession. We will assign you an experienced teacher. Accomplish your goals at your own pace and top up your mandarin skills.

10 Hours up

NT$ 900 /hour
  • Flexible
  • Fit Your Schedule
  • Give It a Try
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20 Hours up

NT$ 850 /hour
  • Flexible
  • Customized
  • Fit Your Schedule

30 Hours up

NT$ 800 /hour
  • Customized
  • Fit Your Schedule
  • Quick & Effective
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  • Textbooks are sold separately.
  • Each hour of class will include 55 minutes of class with a 5-minute break.
  • Classes can meet for 1 hour, 2 hours, or more per session.
  • Students can apply for the study tour ex. Safari Tour & Culture Discover.
  • Applications are accepted all year long.
  • It’s available to reschedule course 24 hours in advance.
  • Students should take and finish their courses within 1 year.